The Cook Islands is one of the leading international offshore financial centers. It has been a leader in the provisions of trustee, fiduciary and corporate services for over three decades. It has created and developed a strong offshore industry based on robust laws supported by a judiciary known for respecting the rules of law.

A well-educated, English-speaking workforce and a financial system regulated in accordance with widely accepted global standards are hallmarks of the Cook Islands offshore industry.

  • Geography – Located in the South Pacific Ocean, at the northeast of New Zealand and south of Hawaii, the country consists of fifteen islands spread over an ocean area of 2 million square kilometers. 

  • Politics – The Cook Islands has a stable parliamentary system of democratic government and is part of the English Commonwealth. Originally a colony of Britain and then New Zealand, the Cook Islands has become a sovereign state, in free association with New Zealand, since 4th August 1965. The Cook Islands’ national defence is responsible by New Zealand.

  • Legal – The legal system is based on English common law. The judicial system is hierarchical, beginning with the High Court, the Court of Appeal, with a final right of appeal to the Privy Council in England. All judges in the Cook Islands are senior judges chosen from New Zealand.

  • Economy – International financial services, tourism and fishing are the largest revenue earning sectors in the Cook Islands. There are also a growing pearl industry, and an untapped trove of seabed minerals, in the Cook Islands.

  • Language – English is the official business language. The Cook Islands Māori is the indigenous language. Over 90% of people can speak English.

  • Time zone – The Cook Islands is in the same time zone as Hawaii, 10 hours behind GMT. With a time zone halfway between Hong Kong and New York, similar to London, the Cook Islands is an ideal bridge between Asia and the Americas.

  • Accessibility – The Cook Islands maintains excellent connections with the rest of the world with modern communication systems and regular direct flights from Sydney, Auckland and Los Angeles. The Cook Islands international airport is in Rarotonga, the capital island.

  • Currency – The currency is the New Zealand dollar.

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