A Trust is a legal arrangement governed by a trust deed, whereby a party (the "Settlor") transfers the legal title of certain assets to another party (the "Trustee") who then holds, manages and administers the trust property for the benefit of specified parties (the "Beneficiaries").



(legal owner)

Hold assets


of assets


(legal owner)

8. Wealth Protection.png

Wealth Protection

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Tax Planning

10. Succession Planning.png

Succession Planning


Wealth Protection

  • Legitimate confidentiality of ultimate ownership of assets within the structure.

  • Enhanced protection of assets from unforeseen creditors.

  • The Settlor’s personal and business assets can be passed to the next generations in accordance with his/her wishes.

  • Assets held within the structure, including family businesses, can be managed and operated by the Settlor and his/her family without interference from the Trustee.

  • The Settlor may retain certain controls within their trust structure.


Tax Planning

Mitigation of potential tax liabilities arising from:

  • Overseas investments (worldwide income tax and capital gains tax imposed)

  • Immigration to a high tax jurisdiction

  • Gifting of assets (gift tax)

  • A deceased’s estate (estate duty and inheritance tax)


Succession Planning

  • Avoidance of cost of delays due to probate formalities

  • Avoidance of forced heirship rules

  • Avoidance of family disputes

  • Protection of minor beneficiaries’ interests

  • Protection against matrimonial claims

  • Distribution of estate to beneficiaries in accordance with wishes of the Settlor

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