ALPHA TRUST (COOK ISLANDS) LIMITED is a licensed trustee company (No. TC-11/17), licensed to carry on trustee company business pursuant to the Trustee Companies Act 2014.

ALPHA ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha Trust (Cook Islands) Limited.

A Trust is a legal arrangement governed by a trust deed, whereby a party (the "Settlor") transfers the legal title of certain assets to another party (the "Trustee") who then holds, manages and administers the trust property for the benefit of specified parties (the "Beneficiaries").


Wealth Value Trust (WVT)

Wealth Property Trust (WPT)

Wealth Accumulation Trust (WAT)

ALPHA has different trust plans to suit your unique circumstances and financial needs.

Cook Islands trust law is derived from the English common Law. With its International Trust Act 1984 as the cornerstone, through amendments to the Act in 1989, the Cook Islands is the first country to introduce asset protection laws and has since made itself the trust jurisdiction of choice for many high net worth individuals, their families and their professional advisors.


​The Cook Islands is one of the leading international offshore financial centers. It has been a leader in the provisions of trustee, fiduciary and corporate services for over three decades. It has created and developed a strong offshore industry based on robust laws supported by a judiciary known for respecting the rules of law. A well-educated, English-speaking workforce and a financial system regulated in accordance with widely accepted global standards are hallmarks of the Cook Islands offshore industry.


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